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Pajarito Scientific Corporation (PSC) designs, manufactures and provides custom radiometric instrumentation systems. We specialize in Uranium and Plutonium Characterization; Very Low-Level Waste through to High Level Waste and TRU Waste Characterization.

PSC utilizes Total and Passive/Active Neutron Coincidence Counting techniques in addition to High and Low Resolution Gamma Spectroscopy techniques to fully characterize a wide variety of nuclear materials



PSC has conducted GPS-based radiological surveys for a variety of customers and applications. Using real-time data processing and navigation for sub-meter gross gamma mapping, PSC can provide rapid response for surface soil contamination removals, remedial action support, and hot spot detection.

The low-resolution system is comprised of a standard high-efficiency NaI detector with counting electrons, GPS unit and Bluetooth. The entire system may be hand-carried in extremely remote areas, attached to small carts (both flat surface and rugged terrain) or mounted to a Utility Vehicle.

If required for more detailed gamma characterization, a gamma scan using a High Purity Germanium (HPGe) can be performed. The HPGe measurements may be performed on ‘hot spots’ exhibiting higher count rates or randomly selected areas for concentration correlations.



PSC-Criticality Accident Alarm System

• ANSI/ANS 8.3 Compliant
• 2 out of 3 (2oo3) Criticality Detection Logic
• Local CAAS Status Indicators
• Up to 50 Detectors per Detector Ring Circuit
• Tested at a High Dose Rate Facility
• Low Cost, Low Maintenance and Reliable Detectors
• Flexible and Expandable
• Low Probability of Spurious Alarms



DSC 0267Pajarito Scientific Corporation (PSC) provides specially trained and qualified personnel with extensive knowledge and expertise within the nuclear industry to support clients in a variety of technical areas.

To assist in achieving your goals in the most timely and cost-effective manner, PSC can provide teams of dedicated professionals who offer independent, technically sound direction and guidance under your management.

PSC can support you in implementing tasks and programs critical to your mission in the following areas:

PSC Custom Design and Fabrication



3D Modeling and Design

PSC is experienced in designing large radiometric systems which include turntables, actuators and conveyor systems. This expertise can be applied to engineering similar machinery by utilizing 3D modeling to engineer your mechanical systems. PSC implements SolidWorks, SolidWorks Electrical and AutoCAD in finding solutions to project requirements. PSC has 30 years experience in rapid prototyping through production engineering aided by CAE to evaluate form, fit and function of complex systems ensuring that manufacturing issues are captured in the engineering phase, not the build phase.

Over 25 Years Of World Wide Experience

In addition to PSC’s long established capability in designing and manufacturing specialized radiometric instrumentation for the DOE and commercial nuclear industry customers, PSC can also provide services to support non-radiation measurement applications.

PSC operates an NQA-1 QA program for the design and manufacture of specialized nuclear related equipment. PSC can also offer a range of services based on our design and manufacture capability at our Santa Fe NM facility.



World Leaders in Radiation Detection Instrumentation

Custom Machine Build

PSC fabricates and assembles automated machinery in–house for our radiometric systems. We can offer a custom fabrication and assembly service for similar mechanical equipment/moving machinery. PSC utilizes CAE data for direct to machine component fabrication, utilizing state of the art machining and water jet equipment for cost effective manufacturing processes. This virtually eliminates reworks.

Software Development And System Integration

PSC’s radiometric systems incorporate a wide variety of software platforms and often have complex interface requirements. PSC develops all software in-house. This experience can be applied to other nonradiometric systems. Capabilities include, but are not limited to, C++, embedded applications, TCP/IP internet, Labview and PLC programming.

Custom System Testing And Evaluation

PSC’s radiometric systems require extensive testing and validation. These capabilities can be applied to other non-radiometric systems. PSC has a large high bay where customers’ equipment can be evaluated and tested prior to installation and deployment. PSC can assist with equipment setup, writing test plans, test execution and reporting.



Custom Instrument And Control Panel Design

PSC’s radiometric systems incorporate instrumentation, control and electrical systems. The equipment panels are
designed and assembled at PSC’s facility in Santa Fe. 

Instrument and control panels are fabricated under our UL508A program. PSC can offer an instrument Control Panel design-and-build service to meet custom requirements. PSC can provide Solidworks electrical or AutoCAD engineering packages.